Born  creative in Queens, New York with a wonderlust.


Degrees from:

The H.S. of Art & Design

-Theatre Arts

University of Warwick,UK.


University of Bridgeport, CT.


Gemological Institute of America, CA.

-Gem Grading /Bench Jewelry



Set Decorated Feature Films.

Art Directed Commercials,Concerts & Events.

Interior decorated Danny Devito & Rupert Murdoch Estates in Beverly Hills.

Lived all over the world.

Learned German.

Became a Goldsmith Apprentice to Gudula Roch, Reinmetal, Dusseldorf.

Returned to Los Angeles, creating custom original jewelry in DTLA

Worked on a few more films.www.darawaxman.com  / imdb.com


Created Dax Jewelry /DarawaxmanJewelry

Numerous Editorials

Sales in fine Boutiques,NY, LA Austin

Started Men's collection

Moved to NYC 2011-2016

Beyond Metal Gallery  2012-2016.

Designed jewelry & managed a metal gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Queens Museum of Art Jewelry Collection 2013-14

Henri Bendels Trunk Show 2014.

Designed & created Penny Marshall's Organic Terrace Garden NYC  2013- 2015

Currently working  my 2 passions , film & designing  custom jewelry 

Memeber Set Decorator Society Of America. SDSA

Jewelry Show Leica Gallery Dec 2016

Working on a Silver Men's Pocket Chain/ A Belt Collection/ A Hoops & Chain Collection

Volunteering at The Art of Elysium last 19 years.

Designed & created Tour Gifts for "Blonde" Debi Harry "Polinator" Tour

 Shepard Fairey Cover Art 2018